Navid Mafi

Hey! 👋

I'm Navid

I'm a Full-stack developer, Product manager, UI and Graphics designer with 5+ years of experience.

I also like and use:

Open-source software, Material Design, Trance and Lo-Fi music

In my free time, I play:

osu!, Minecraft, Brawlhala, Phasmophobia, Devour And more...
The website is currently under active development!
I decided to rework my website to make it more user-friendly and modern and it will take some time, Thank you for your patience!



I can design backend architectures and write the most clean, efficient and optimized code for it in JavaScript and Golang


I can write performant front-end code with tools and libraries such as React, Vue and Sass which can provide the best user experience for any device.


I can design beautiful and efficient User experiences, mockups and simple logos with tools like Adobe Photoshop, Figma and Adobe Illustrator


I can deploy, manage and monitor services on the cloud with tools like Nginx, Docker, Kubernetes

Project Management

I can manage and plan big projects so everyone in the team can work efficiently to accomplish project goals

Projects and contributions

I'm currently working on my ongoing private projects, But I contribute to following open-source projects and also work on some utilities in my free time:
There is much more to come!
There are lots of projects that are in active development! if you want to learn more, you can check out my Discord server or follow my GitHub account

Contacting me

You can find and contact me in this platforms:
Or email me at :

navidmafi2006 [at]